Portrait Studio and Location Shoots

Here at Presto Photographics you won't be harassed

into buying photo packages you don't want at

outrageous prices you never expected to pay. You

can choose a studio sitting, or we can take your

photos at a location of your choice - beach, park,

a "bush" setting, or a glamorous Gold Coast hotel.

We can help out with some suggestions and

examples of local spots if you are unsure.

There are no gimmicks to lure you in, nor do we use

any hard sell tactics - we do not charge any sitting

fee providing you order a minimum of $100.00. You

only buy the photos you want, in the size you want -

but at prices you'll find hard to believe. As well,

because we do all our own editing and printing

onsite, your high quality photos (or canvasses) are

ready in days, not weeks.

Gift certificates are also available.

Studio print prices

Contact us now to book your photo shoot.